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Everything you need to take your grants success to a new level - no matter where you're starting out - all in one at-your-own-pace, on-your-own-schedule, affordable 8-session online course

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Up to 3 team members can take the course with you ... staff, board members, volunteers, you name it ... for the price of just one enrollment!

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Maryn Boess and GrantsMagic U are proud to partner with 7 regional nonprofit associations to bring you The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint: Your Step-By-Step Roadmap and Build-It-Yourself Toolkit for Crafting an A+ Proposal … Every Time!

In this all-in-one course, Maryn brings more than 20 years of deep experience as a grant writer; grant program developer; grant consultant, coach, speaker, author and even a grantmaker to share with you a powerful "inside-up" framework for constructing a grant proposal that's clear . . . compelling . . . and irresistible to grantmakers.

Your step-by-step "insider's guide" - for grants rookies and veterans alike

The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint offers a complete, practical, hands-on, step-by-step approach to corporate, foundation, and government grant-building - for beginners and veterans alike.

In eight fast-paced, information-rich video sessions totaling about 16 hours (released every Monday, July 10-Aug. 28):

  • You'll learn how to build a solid, fundable proposal from the inside out and the bottom up ...

  • You'll work with a unique set of tried-and-tested planning tools, worksheets, roadmaps, checklists, and step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks templates to make your proposals clear, concise, complete, coherent - and compelling ...

  • You'll learn literally hundreds of "insider's tips" from grantmakers and successful grantseeking organizations that you can put to work for your organization - right away ...

  • And you'll learn how to organize the details of your work in a way guaranteed to take you to the next level of grantseeking success - no matter where you're starting out

"Is The Blueprint course right for me? You see, I'm a ..."

If you're wondering if "The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint" course is the right choice for you, right now ... so did Susan, Linda, Liela, Barbara and dozens of others! Click here to see what they - and others - have to say about how the "Blueprint" course transformed their grants success.

The do-it-all executive director ...

"I'm a do-it-all executive director with a thousand things on my plate, trying to figure out how to fit grantwriting in ..." (That sounds like Susan when she took the training! Here's what she found out.)

The devoted board member ...
"I'm a devoted board member who stepped up to write grants and I'm wondering how to make this work ..." (Linda stepped up as a board member too. Here's what the training did for her.)

The complete newbie ...

"I'm a complete newbie to grantseeking. I want to do well ... but frankly I don't even know where to start ..." (Liela came to the training as a total newbie. See why she calls it her best investment ever.)

The successful veteran ...
"I'm an experienced grantwriter, with a lot of success - so I don't need a "Grantwriting 101"-type course ..." (Barbara just wanted a refresher. Here's what she got instead.)

The independent consultant ..."I'm an independent consultant, which means I work with lots of clients to help them find grant dollars - all at the same time." (George came to the course looking for new tools to share with his clients. Wow, did he "strike gold"!)

What your course includes ...

Your Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint course comes packed with everything you need for success inside the course ... and beyond, as you continue putting what you learn to work for your nonprofit community.

  • First, starting July 10, you’ll get 8 weekly pre-recorded, anytime, anywhere video training sessions of about 2 hours each, carefully sequenced to guide you step by step and section by section through what it takes to build an A+ grant proposal - every single time.

  • You’ll get a detailed session-by-session printable workbook and resource guide to follow along with as you watch the videos ... and to keep at your desktop in the months ahead as an at-your-fingertips reference.

  • You’ll get nearly 100 planning guides, checklists and step-by-step, fill-in-the-blanks templates to help you capture, organize, and articulate your good thinking - in digital form - that you can save to your own computer and use again ... and again ... and again.

  • You’ll get lots of real-life samples of "what works" - what wins grants - that you can borrow, virtually word for word, for your own projects.

  • You’ll get 3 live group Q&A sessions with Maryn, where you can get on-the-ground answers to all your questions about grants, grantseeking, grantmaking ... you name it.

  • And you’ll get ongoing personal support, via an "Ask Anything" Facebook community page, to help make sure you're on track for a successful experience inside the course - and beyond.

8-session course release schedule:

Every week starting July 10, you’ll get access to a new training video of about 2 hours each, plus detailed handouts and resource materials.

Because this is an on-demand program, once a session has been released, you and your team can watch at any time, on your own schedule, as often as you like.

Here’s the course release agenda:

Part A. Starting Right Where You Are – Right Now (Session 1, July 10)

The first week is all about meeting you right where you are – wherever you’re starting out - and getting you ramped up and ready for the journey ahead.

  • You’ll start by “packing your travel bag” – getting you grounded in the powerful concepts and paradigms you’ll be exploring – the very big big-picture thinking at the heart of “The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint.” 
  • Next, you’ll get your first look at the framework you’ll be working with. You’ll take a high flyover of our “Blueprint” territory and start exploring the key tools, processes, and ideas that will support you on your journey.

Part B: Your Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint, Unpacked (Sessions 2-7, July 19-Aug. 21)

For the next six weeks you'll be taking a deep dive, one at a time, into each of the key sections of your Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint.

Working with the framework laid out in Part A, you’ll work with checklists, planning tools, formulas, and fill-in-the-blanks templates that guide you step by step through exactly how to shape the details that bring your project to life and create a clear, compelling proposal.

Remember, once a session has been released you can watch it any time, on your own schedule.

  • July 17: The Issue, Need, or Opportunity
  • July 24: Impact Outcomes
  • July 31: Work Plan/Partnership
  • Aug. 7: Evaluation
  • Aug. 14: The Proposal Budget
  • Aug. 21: The Summary; Sustainability

Part C: Turning Your Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint . . . into an A+ Proposal (Session 8, Aug. 28)

This final session covers how to transform your Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint into an A+ proposal that matches the requirements of any given funder. You’ll cover the elements of good writing; what to think about when making formatting decisions; how to “read” an RFP; things to think about when working with an online proposal submission; and much more.

Real-time support via Q&A calls ...

As part of your course, you're invited to take part in 3 live conference-call Q&A sessions with Maryn, where you, your team members, and your fellow students can get on-the-ground answers to all your questions about grants, grantseeking, grantmaking . . . you name it.

These one-hour sessions are exclusively for you and the other nonprofit teams participating in this course.

Plus a whole lot more!

Based on Maryn's 20-plus years of experience as a grant professional, and her unique 3D perspective as both a grantseeker and a grantmaker, this course will introduce you to a unique, powerful, success-proven approach to grantsmanship as a mission-centered, strategic organizational process. You'll leave with:

  • A deep, practical understanding of what it takes to be a healthy - and successful - grantseeking organization
  • A new, powerful way to think about your role in the grants field
  • New, powerful strategies for organizing and managing a successful grants effort
  • New, powerful tools for winning corporate, foundation, and government dollars to support your organization's work in the world

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A sampling of 5-star student reviews:

Exceptional Grant Proposal Course

I've been writing grants for just under 10 years and have also served on reviewer panels for a particular federal grant for about as many years. I enrolled in the course because although I had gotten very "good" at writing and winning grants, I lost two big ones in the last couple of years. It rocked my self-confidence - this, in spite of the fact that I have won about 4.5 million dollars in federal, state and local funds for several school districts over the last 5 years. This course didn't just restore my confidence, but the sections on having a 3-D Perspective, what occurs in the Black Box of Grantmakers (awesome, awesome, awesome), and the powerful use of the Logic Model in shaping, planning and developing a grant proposal so that everything makes sense, were particularly healing and strengthening to me. Maryn, what a wonderful job! I have learned a great deal from you, grown tremendously, and been truly blessed by your final perspective of what all of this should truly be about! Thank you again and again for giving so much value and so much really rich instruction to even those of us who have been at the "grantmanship game" for quite awhile. My kudos to you! 

-- Elaine Penn

Top Notch Grants Education!

This course was AMAZING. As a self-paced, online course with live support (online, phone, and bi-weekly call-in opportunities) this course gave me a much greater insight into why my proposals have and have not been funded. AND it gave me concrete ways to review/revise those proposals for the future. 

- Kaddee Lawrence, Community Leadership Consultant (Seattle, WA)

Five Stars Plus! - for "The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint"

This course made a difference not only for me but for the team-members I invited to take part in the course. Our collective confidence is sky-high and everyone is talking enthusiastically about “the magic wand”. This course is not only a complete decoding of vital elements that go into a successful proposal, it unlocks behind-the-scenes information about funders, their perspectives, and how decisions are made. The templates and workbook are wonderful tools and everything is easy to understand. This course has made my colleagues and me true believers that we are capable agents of positive change in the world through our grant writing. And Maryn Boess is unquestionably a card-carrying member of our grant success team!

- Barbara Gorzinski, Associated Ministries of Tacoma-Pierce County (WA)

5 stars - covers EVERY aspect of a proposal

I give 5 stars. I've taken a couple of other courses that I found informative and useful. However, this course probes deeper into grant readiness. Maryn covers EVERY aspect of a proposal -- from digging more deeply to create a mission statement to producing a proposal that clearly details an organization's purpose and necessity. I came away with many tools and insights that have enabled me to provide more value to my clients. Included in the course are Q&A group conference calls that answer any questions we might have. Even though I've completed the course, Maryn has made sure that I and other "graduates" are still connected to the program. We are encouraged to contact her any time with questions.

-- Suzanne Ryan, Suzanne Ryan Grantwriting (VA)

My Experience

Being new to the grant world this was a very eye opening experience. I am part of a grant managing team but took this course to understand the process it took to get the grant and how to manage it. This course has given me the tools to seek my own grants and know what grant makers are looking for. Thank you for a wonderful course.

-- Mark Cox

The Ultimate Ultimate

This course is not for those who think that learning to be a grant writer is easy, for it isn't. The course is thoughtful as well as practical and requires a commitment to DO SOMETHING after every one of the eight lesson. I've taken grant writing courses before that took tactical approach to the grant making process. They concentrated on how to write an application or how to fill out forms. They did not tackle the planning aspects necessary to prepare an organization for conceiving a proposal, for seeking out appropriate grant funders, for submitting a grantable application, or for following up if the proposal us successful in getting funded. To the serious student of mission-centered grant writing (the only consistently successful grant writing ), the course is worth every penny of the tuition price.

-- Nancy Mitchell Ash, Equamore Foundation (CA)

Five Stars - Outstanding Grant Writing Class

I have attended other grant workshops in the past, and I can say unequivocally that The Ultimate Grant Proposal Blueprint was the most comprehensive, useful, worthwhile class I've ever taken. The skills and resources that I took away have already helped me write three proposals, and I'm optimistic they will succeed. There is much information here that carries beyond grant writing to nonprofit planning and management. Maryn's style is friendly and engaging; she really knows the grant writing world from both the funder's and the fund seeker's perspective.
-- Marilyn Smith, Executive Director, Unite to Fight Paralysis (OR)

Maryn Boess
Maryn Boess
Chief Magic-Maker

Over her 20+-year career in the nonprofit world, Maryn has been an on-staff program developer and grantwriter; a independent grants consultant (winning more than $42 million for her clients over 10 years); a grants project manager; a grants trainer; a grants reviewer, author, speaker, mentor and coach; and - for the past 10 years - even a grantmaker.

This done-it-all background gives her the unique 3-D "insider's" perspective she brings to the practical and inspiring trainings on healthy, successful grantsmanship that she has been blessed to share with thousands of nonprofits of every size, nationally and internationally as well.

GrantsMagic U, launched in fall 2015, is the "virtual academy" she created to make her extensive portfolio of grantsmanship trainings available (and affordable!) for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

GrantsMagic U is an Approved Continuing Education Provider for both the Grant Professionals Certification (GPC) and Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) credentials.

Since 2006 Maryn has also been “in the grantmaker’s chair,” managing up to $2 million annually in grantmaking for K-12 education in the Southwest.

She considers herself a dual citizen in the grants world, and may be the only person currently holding membership in both GPA (Grant Professionals Association, for grantseekers) and GEO (Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, for grantmakers).

Every hour of GrantsMagic U training qualifies as 1 credit toward CFRE and GPC continuing-education and certification requirements.